Our Story

The idea for Poem came to us when we were drained after a long day at work and counting the hours till we could go home, slip into our favourite pajamas and put our feet up.

So here's what we set out to do.

We created loungewear that is synonymous with “home”, pajamas that you can’t wait to go back to after a hard day, comfort wear that calls out to you when you’re crunching the numbers or stuck in traffic.

Sleepwear that is even better than cuddling with your significant other- well, almost! 

Now you may think that this is a stretch, a selling gimmick, and we don’t blame you, the world has become increasingly untrustworthy, hasn’t it? So go ahead and try it for yourself!

Click here to shop the comfiest, softest loungewear that will change your life. We put that in italics and everything, that’s how serious we are!

We look forward to becoming a part of your home!

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