Go Green!

Did you know that plastic in fashion is responsible for generating enormous amounts of wastewater and emitting huge quantities of carbon into the environment? And that regular plastic can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years to decompose, depending on the material and structure? 

We, at Poem, want to be kinder to the environment, and we don't claim to do away with the problem 100%, but every step counts and these are ours:

Our Plastic Bags

-The contents of the plastic bags are a bio-based compound made from tapioca starch and other vegetable oil derivatives and the chemical structure resembles that of paper. 

    -The ink on the bag is alcohol based and is non toxic and non pollutant. 
      -Once it has dissolved, the pulp that is left behind is biodegradable, just like dissolved paper. This is 100% compostable. 

      Our Plantable Seed Tags


      1) How do I plant the seed tag?
      Before planting, soak the paper overnight and then plant it under a 1/2-1 inch layer of soil mixed with fertilisers or compost.
      -Don't keep them in direct summer sun as that will burn the seeds. Light shades are preferred by sprouting seeds
      -Don't hydrate too much, no matter how hot it gets! 

      2) What kind of soil should it be planted in?
      A fertiliser soil preferably with some vermicompost/cocopeat. It should not be very dry or very sticky/clayey

      3) How often should the plant be watered?
      It depends on the weather conditions. If it's dry and hot, then twice a day, a small spray of fresh water would be good. If it is humid, then once a day will suffice.

      4) How long will the seed take to start sprouting?
      The tags for Poem were made using basil seed paper. Basil takes upto 2-3 months in summers to germinate but its a sturdy plant once it starts growing.

      5) Does it need any particular kind of climate to grow?
      No, not really. The seeds we use are quite adaptive and grow in almost all climates, except of course the very extreme ones. Their germination rates and flowering cycles however get adjusted based on the local conditions. Faster in some & slower in others.